Our work

Moscow LGBT Initiative Group «Stimul»
In 2015 we launched the first legal aid service for LGBT people and their loved ones in Moscow. 
Now any LGBT person can get free qualified legal assistance.
We accompany applicants during their visits to public authorities and represent their interests in court.
We have already helped more than 800 people.

Our partners

Our mission

Moscow LGBT Initiative Group «Stimul» is a non-governmental human rights organization established in 2015 to fight for equal rights and to ensure human dignity, regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation, through educating the LGBT community on legal issues, advocacy and research work, as well as assisting the victims of discrimination and rights violations on the grounds of SOGI.


Our vision

We are a human rights organization.
We are not fighting for power and are not involved with any political activity
We believe that human rights are the highest value, and we consider it necessary to ensure their observance by any authority.
We are certain that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, race, nationality, age, religious affiliation, and other characteristics, should be respected. We think that diversity makes the world we live in a beautiful place, while hate, on the contrary, is harmful for the world and for the people living in it.
We are striving to build a society in which all people would be able to live freely and openly, without fearing for themselves and not feeling fright and hate towards those who are different from them, and we want to live in a society like that.

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